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Improving the Health Of Your Horse With Our Supplements

Ounce of Prevention strives to provide outstanding animal health products that utilize years of scientific research. To this end, we have developed an exceptional horse supplement, which is also good for sheep and cows. This product will add a spring to their step and a shine to their coat.

Bandi's Story:

Orphaned at 2 weeks old, Bandi was not given the nutrients from her mother. Seeing her all alone, we took her in and gave her a pound of oats and an Ounce of Prevention every day for the past two years and she is in perfect health! No pot belly, no worms and the shiniest coat she could ask for!

A pound of Oats and an Ounce of Prevention

Female Equestrian With Her Horse

Our Equestrian Supplements

Ensure that your horse gets all the vitamins and minerals necessary to thrive with our complete, natural horse supplements. These contain the complete range of B vitamins, including biotin, riboflavin, and niacin. They also contain Omega 3 and Omega 6, as well as essential amino acids and high doses of anti-oxidants and toxin binders, which are new and improved.

Our supplements work for all types of horses, no matter what stage of life they are in. These items eliminate nutritional and degenerative diseases, and they act as a natural horse wormer and pro-biotic. To further aid in the gastrointestinal process, they contain digestive enzymes and live yeast. We have also started adding micro-encapsulated probiotics and colostrum secrets, which offer greater toxin-binding abilities, enhanced immune modulation, and greater digestive powers.

These products have been formulated by university nutrition specialists, and they have been balanced and buffered. They are designed to work on a cellular level by bathing the cell in optimal nutrition and trace elements of minerals. With these items, horses have exhibited strength and stamina, proving that when cells are healthy, the whole horse is healthy.

Formulated for Optimal Absorption

The organic minerals found in our supplements are in the methionine form, otherwise known as the mineral-amino acid complex. This form increases bioavailability, thereby reducing the required supplementation level. It also decreases the potential for the mineral being bound or otherwise negated by the existence of competing ingredients from your horse's feed.

Deworming Properties

Over the past few years, we have been receiving reports that horses on our supplement were either free of parasites or had unusually low counts of parasites. Nothing had been consciously added to the supplement for the purposes of worming, but we were still seeing this effect.

Brown Horse

After scientific research, we found something interesting. One of the ingredients is an organic, silica-based, micro-mineral-rich product that comes from ancient deposits in Nevada. This ingredient, along with the enhanced micro-encapsulated digestive aids and the uptake in immune activity, rids the horse of parasites and other toxins. This leaves your horse exceptionally healthy.

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