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German Shepherds

Enhancing the Health of Your Canine With Dog Supplements

Nutrition, exercise, breeding, and care are the ingredients that make up the canine. Your family pet, working dog, or show dog can achieve the highest level of health with our supplements. At Ounce of Prevention, we offer a completely balanced mineral supplement and vitamins for dogs.

The dog supplements we carry are formulated, balanced, and buffered to meet the requirements of all categories of dogs. It is a unique formula that has withstood the test of time.

The philosophy of our company is to work at the cellular level. When you bathe the cells in optimal nutrition and trace elements, they will respond with resilience, health, and longevity. This generates robust health, and in turn, the dog exhibits strength, stamina, and an almost unbelievable resistance to parasites and disease. When the cells are healthy, the dog is healthy.

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